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Inventeer® Limited has several years' experience with DECT products from concept to design to manufacturing. Our strategic partners can assist from all phases from Concept Drawing and Models to Design and Manufacturing.

Our partners can also provide high-quality, cost-effective, off-the-shelf solutions directly from the factories in China. Custom features such as SMS can be added quickly and  very competitively.

Inventeer® can also assist with Safety and Type Approvals and local Homologations. We can also incorporate Least Cost Routing functionality of your choice into our entire range of DECT telephones. We are also able to offer our range of DECT telephones for North America using frequency hopping in the 2.4GHz ISM (commonly known as WDCT ).

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FlowerPot DECTCompact DECTPT4000N DECT


Key Benefits of Inventeer® DECT Phones

bulletGAP Compliant to allow inter-working with other GAP products
bulletMultiple handsets can be registered to one Base to allow wireless extensions
bulletInfineon Chipsets for best-in-class performance and reliability
bulletPhonebook with a minimum of 100 entries for phone numbers with associated names
bulletCaller ID* with Phonebook matching to allow the user to see who is calling
bulletOptional Integrated Digital Telephone Answering Machine (DTAM)
bulletOptional SMS (ETSI Type-I or Type-II compliant)
bulletEuropean Safety and Type Approved
bulletSupports Distinctive Ring Pattern (e.g. BT Call Sign)

*Caller ID subscription with your telephone operation is required for the phone to display the number of incoming caller.


Description SKU # Price
Compact DECT sku-1 £89.99
Flower Pot DECT sku-2 £99.99
PT4000N DECT sku-3 £59.99

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T3000 Designer DECT

Phoenix Designer DECT

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